Premium Organic Japanese Sencha green tea

$22 / 2.82oz


“Drinking Sencha never goes out of style.”

Hand- picked 1st. harvested Ultra premium whole tip green tea leaf. Our chosen ‘Tea of Life’ is known for refreshing bold flavors, an earthy aroma with a sweet after taste.


Premium Organic Japanese Matcha green tea

$25/ 1 oz


“Green is the new black!”

Ceremonial high quality Pure organic Matcha. Tencha is carefully handpicked and stone ground to ultra fine powder.  Refreshing creamy bold flavor with sweet after tastes.  It gives you energy with calm and focus.

Premium Organic Japanese sencha infused Matcha green

$12/ 15 pyramid tea bags 1.58oz


“KYO-T is today’s new classic.”

A unique organic blend of 1st. harvested premium whole green tea leaf
combined with the ceremonial high quality Matcha powder.

Our tea is carefully packed in a biodegradable pyramid shape tea bag to provide ample room for the expansion of the large leaves to enhance the flavor and taste.